For the love

For the love

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Touch- From My side...

Ah yes, the first meeting...  such sweet memories.

I agreed to meet him publicly, but not go up to his room.  Dinner, that was all.  The warm laugh and gentle voice that I had already grown fond of, were both seated behind the saddest set of milk chocolate-brown eyes. His forehead was knitted and the warm smile did not hide... something.  I did not quite know what it was, but I knew it was not something malevolent. I have learned to trust My inner voice, the part of Me that judges good and bad.  I can feel wickedness from quite a distance and have come to believe "that gut feeling."  My gut did not sense anything bad in him.

We sat in My car, talking and without warning, he grabbed My arm and shoved My hand under his shirt to his stomach. Normally I would have pulled away and torn the grabber to shreds. But there it was... the answer to what was behind those eyes: hunger and need. Now, as a Dominant, hunger and need can be good, or bad.  Often times the needs of the sub (in My case, pet) can be so consuming that they don't even see Me.  Any port... storm or not.  I had dealt with that in My early Domme days, and did not plan to go there again.

This was not the case with My tomio.  His need was primal, but in a wonderful way.  He truly melted under My touch, and I could feel him soaking Me in, but in the most delicious way: like good Italian bread soaks up olive oil and balsamic was the combination of My touch and his need that was something amazing.  I have never felt such an intense need before, but instead of being put off, or offended by it, I was comforted. He did not just need  someone, anyone...  he needed ME. It truly felt like there was something chemical in the reaction to My touch to his skin.  His forehead smoothed, his head bowed and he relaxed into My touch in a way that took My breath away.  I knew, as he did, that it was just right.  I leaned My head over and he gently leaned into it.  We sat silently.  We did not need words.  The connection knitted into place without effort, and My heart slowed as his did.

I knew that he truly was going to be able to submit entirely and that was what I had hungered for, for a long time.  He was not a new submissive, he had just not "played" in person.  At that instant, with My hand on his soft skin, I knew that if I was patient, gentle and loving that he would be the pet of My dreams.

I was right... he is.

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