For the love

For the love

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hunger and Curiousity

Hello you kinky or kink-curious folks,

The visit this weekend was side-lined by illness and other demands of life.  It sucks, big time.  So as I sit here, I start to wonder...  would the followers of this blog, which I have worked so hard to keep the wank fodder, kinky details and tales of wickedness out of...would those folks, or some of them, be interested in tales, real, imagined or a combination of the two?

So you tell me:  Do you hunger for details?  Would you enjoy stories? Do you read this blog in hopes of getting a little tingle from time to time?

Lets see what the people say.  I am asking, because I am horny as hell, having missed my weekend and because both tomio and I do erotic writing from time to time.

Would a side of wickedness be appreciated or scorned?  Hmmmm?