For the love

For the love

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hunger and Curiousity

Hello you kinky or kink-curious folks,

The visit this weekend was side-lined by illness and other demands of life.  It sucks, big time.  So as I sit here, I start to wonder...  would the followers of this blog, which I have worked so hard to keep the wank fodder, kinky details and tales of wickedness out of...would those folks, or some of them, be interested in tales, real, imagined or a combination of the two?

So you tell me:  Do you hunger for details?  Would you enjoy stories? Do you read this blog in hopes of getting a little tingle from time to time?

Lets see what the people say.  I am asking, because I am horny as hell, having missed my weekend and because both tomio and I do erotic writing from time to time.

Would a side of wickedness be appreciated or scorned?  Hmmmm?


  1. While I enjoy well-written smut as much as the next horny gal, it's not why I read this blog.

    I'm in a relationship with wonderful, achieving, confident, strong guy who has a submissive nature that's never been fully nurtured and expressed before... which matches up like bookends with me, also strong, confident, achieving and with a dominant nature which has never been fully expressed before. So we're both learning as we go.

    I'm so happy to have found your blog. It helps me think about that journey, for me and for both of us, especially because of the emphasis on sensual dominance and submission, which is definitely our approach.

    So I'd probably enjoy whatever was posted here; but wanted to take the opportunity to thank you (plural) for being here at all.


  2. I have just found your site and am very pleased with what i see. I am a very submissive boi, who is married to my Wife/Mistress and i would love to read your stories. I also do read porn and can not be shocked. I love everything to do with the femdom and d/s lifestyles

  3. I want it ALL! Whatever you want to write, I want to read. I am fully embracing my Domme side. I love my power and I want to use it responsibly. My pet (he calls himself that) loves me and I love him. He is a black male...which is shocking in and of itself...not many black men will admit to being submissive. He does so with a thuggish confidence that sets me on fire. We are both learning and I want to be all in. Bring on the stories. Bring on the details. We are ready!