For the love

For the love

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its been a while since we posted, and I am sorry.  Life has once again imposed on Us and honestly with the holidays, families and other commitments, We have been swamped.

This post I want to talk about a number of things and perhaps one will spark into something bigger.

The first thing is taking care of one another.  Folks know that tomio and I currently live apart, but that our days are very connected.  We talk multiple times a day, cam when We can and text back and forth all day.  Since our budgets currently allow Us just a weekend a month, a lot of "life" happens in between.  We have both been sick on and off, and that is difficult.  As caring people it is hard too be away from your loved one when they are sick!  All I can do it offer remedies, recipes and advice.  The only good thing is that we are able to prevent the other from getting sick...because the physical contact is obviously limited.  LOL.

I have a very stressful job and it takes a lot out of Me.  When We are able to bring our lives together later on, it will be easier to unwind and de-stress.  But how do We do it now?  We have a very loving and connected relationship so we send each other as much sweetness as we can, and then we use some of our online time to connect in silly ways... we play online games.  These are not online sex games, please.  We play things like Scrabble where we can chat and also challenge each other mentally. We have also played a very dirty version of Scrabble when we are together (waggles eyebrows)...I am going to leave most of that to you, but will say it involves Me doing various naughty things to him, in a very unfair attempt to distract him.  (grins) But honestly the thing that he does on a daily basis, that feeds my soul and makes me feel loved, is he sings to me.  He has a few silly songs, but the ones that I love are Love Songs.  His voice is sort of Johnny Cash-esque, and I love it when he professes his love in musical form.  The singing is something that has gone on since the very beginning of our relationship. He sang to Me very early on, and made a lovely video of him singing Our song.  "Our song" is something private that he sings to me every night before sleep, and it means so very much to Me.   My point is that in trying to find Our happily ever after, we do things that are important to Us, and things that may not seem like much to an outsider, but is everything to Us.  I think happiness is made up of those little bits of inside magic.

Speaking of relationships, yesterday was Our TWO YEAR anniversary! YEY FOR US! Two years ago yesterday I put a custom made collar around his neck and claimed him as My own.  So much has happened, and we have learned so much about Ourselves and each other.  We have pushed the envelope in directions that we never thought it would go, and we have created a wonderful love that makes Us both whole.  Thank you, My love, My pet, for all you have given me!

Another thing that I would like to talk about again, but hopefully with a new twist is the exploration of boundaries a.k.a Limits.  When we got together, we had both agreed on a set of matching boundaries.  It was a list of things We both liked and things We did not.    Since our hungers matched perfectly we proceeded with our relationship.  Over time we got very comfortable with each other and in our talk about fantasies and interests We agreed to try a few new things from time to time.  We have explored many areas and found new fun stuff and stuff that was just ok.  There have been a few new things that are nothing great, so why bother and a few new things We loved.  One of the places where We have expanded our interest is more pain.  We are still a sensual, loving couple.  To see Us in public, you would never suspect that We are kinky as hell in private.  (I like it that way!)  But we have both found that we could push the pain envelope just a bit farther than either of Us thought We would...and We liked it!

I am sure that the "old guard" bullshit would still say We are fluff.  My attitude about that has not changed.  I did not invite anyone else into My fun, so I don't care what they think.  My point is that over time with comfort, intense trust and connection, boundaries CAN change.  Its a good thing to know what you like now, but just be aware that it could stretch in the future.

My former pet, the pain whore, is still a friend of Mine.  He was very surprised to learn that things had changed so much for Me.  As I thought about it I had to be honest, if he came back, I still don't think that things would change as much with him... because we do not have the trust and connection that My tomio and I share.  I could not be the Mistress I am to tomio, with anyone else.I just can't imagine it.  It took time to get where We are...

Well, I am going to wrap it up for now.  I hope that life settles the fuck down a bit, so I can write more, share more and just get in touch with My bad self.  God I love My bad self!  LOL   Ta-ta for now!  (rolls eyes)

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