For the love

For the love

Monday, March 25, 2013

Later than late

Six weeks ago, this post would have been overdue. A month ago, it was late. So now it is too late to even be late.

I have excuses. I was sick. My children were sick. Other things needed my attention. But I cannot escape my responsibility for having not written. Time being linear, however, there is nothing to do but simply take up where I should never have left off.

Mistress spoke of taking care of each other, and I believe that is probably where real-life BDSM differs from its literary and video representations. It's easy to talk about humiliating someone (or being humiliated by someone) or to take and give beatings that end in bloodshed and severe injuries when the only thing that is actually spilled is ink (or pixels - even cheaper!). It is quite another thing when it is not a literary construct, but a breathing human being that is alone in a room with you.

Some of our struggles during the past few months have meant that many of the BDSM activities we enjoy have been sidelined. But what rose to take its place was the supportive and loving relationship that is necessary to sustain us for a lifetime. Of course, it has always been there. Or, at least, the promise of it has always been there. Like a fruit ripening from an early bloom, what we have has grown and matured.

This doesn't mean that we've lost our flair for kinkery. It just means that there is more than just kinkery. We are not cardboard cutouts, nor literary constructs. We are human beings who are learning how well we complement each other in life.

I think that speaks directly to the point Mistress was making about our limits having...let's say, expanded. This is simply a natural result of the greater connection we have been building. So long as we take care to tend this new growth, it is simply a promise of greater things to come, and is nothing to be feared. I think that once a person turns their back on trying to be what they should be and learns to simply be who they actually are, then growth, and the occasional surprise is inevitable. This is part of the reward of living an authentic life.

For a while, I have said that submission isn't what I do, but who I am. But it is not the sum total of who, or what, I am. Because I am not a literary construct, but a human being. I just happen to be a human being who is both male, and submissive, for the one I love.

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