For the love

For the love

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello and WELCOME

Hello there!  I am Mistress Delila.  Yes I am a Domme. No I do not tie random men up and beat them, just for the fun of it.    I am a SENSUAL Domme, and I am in a committed and loving relationship with My tomio.  We are both intelligent and educated and We decided that We want to help show the softer side of Domination.  We hope to open some doors for some, shine some light for others, and hope to have some interesting discussions along the way.

My tomio will be joining Me here soon, and together We will explore DOMINATION...Our style.

Some basic stuff...LOL: Firstly, Yes I am one of those Dommes who capitalizes the M in Me, Mine and Myself, the W in We when talking about Myself and another and other such thing.  I do this because I like it. No more, no less.  It's not going to change, so you will have to get used to it. Secondly, We are not saying, nor will We ever say that this is a lifestyle for everyone, nor is it the "true" way to do anything.  It is simply OUR lovestyle, and it works for Us.

I use the term Pet, rather than sub or slave.  My tomio serves Me because he loves Me, not because he fears Me.  We will get into more details and deep thoughts later.  For now...WELCOME... sit back and enjoy.  I insist!  LOL

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