For the love

For the love

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All of me, All of You

As Mistress wrote in Her post, our time together for our last visit was wonderful. As seems typical, it was not what either of us seemed to anticipate, but when the weekend was done, it was exactly what both of us needed. It was kind of amusing to me to hear Her wistfully apologize for a lack of kink. Once I reminded Her of some of the things we did together, She realized there was no need to apologize - even if She had been correct in Her assessment.

So, what happened? Well, for one thing: There just isn't enough time to fit in everything that we want to do (so we focus on what we need). This means there is always some activity that has been left out of our lineup, and it can be easy to miss it. If you go to a buffett expecting fried chicken and they have everything but fried chicken; then you will likely go away filled, but you will still miss the fried chicken that you initially wanted. It doesn't mean the buffett was inferior in any way. It just means that you are human and our desires truly are infinite.

For another thing, neither of us feels particularly kinky when we are enjoying each other. The menu of activities assuredly fall in the realm of BDSM/kink. But we are simply being authentic with each other. We are just us.

Every person has to manage several roles they present to the world. You are the same person at work and at home, but in one place you are an employee and in the other you might be a parent. Those roles demand different behaviors. Our responsibilities require that we put off things we want and that we prioritize our needs. Mistress and I didn't have to do that when we were together because we walled off the world and just concentrated on each other. When we did that, time seemed to crawl by, allowing us to milk the most out of each moment. Oddly, when we were done, the time seemed to have passed all too quickly.

Athletes call this "being in the zone." The only other way I've experienced it is when I'm writing, playing music, or when I'm repairing a mechanical device. It's a nearly addictive state of being. It feeds your soul and consumes it completely. It's why I immediately know that I enjoyed our time together, but it takes a few moments for my memories to access the details. In effect, it doesn't matter what we did, it just matters that we did it together (this, incidentally, is why I think it is so hard to be apart, too). It is also what allows us to not worry about straying into non-BDSM/kinky territory. We can play Scrabble or watch TV. We can go shopping, or we can read poetry to each other. It isn't because we have had enough of the kink and we need a break (um...I don't think that's possible). It's that being wrapped into each other allows me to enjoy the authentic entire person that Mistress Delila really is. She has interests and desires and needs that can't be met by anything but the kinky/BDSM stuff...but she also has interests and desires and needs that can't be met by anything that is kinky/BDSM stuff. She isn't a cardboard cutout Mistress - She's a real person.

And I love all of Her.


  1. im a young woman in a loving male submissive relationship and i shed a tear reading that. thank you both <3