For the love

For the love

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Storms and Hurtie Stuff

Sorry for the long delay between posts! Sometime LIFE just gets in the way...

Things continue to be real and normal with Myself and My sweet tomio.  And by normal and real, I mean we had a hurricane.  Sigh.  New England never used to have hurricanes, and this is two in a row, one each October.

I faired fine here in MA with only flickering lights and annoyance with the terror the news media was trying to cause.  My sweetness was still very lucky, but not as lucky as Me.  Being that he is in NJ, he did have effects of it.  His kids were out of school for a week and a half, and his cable and internet were out.  He had electricity, but his cell phone did not always work, and even when he appeared to have signal, texts would not go through for hours then they would all hit at once. It made me crazy.  It made him crazy.  There was craziness, and it sucked.

The odd thing was that the weekend BEFORE the Monday night hurricane was our weekend together.  It was a great weekend in our favorite hotel.  We cooked meals together  (ok he cooked meals naked and I made raunchy comments, grabbed his various bits, bit, licked, nibbled on him...) and then Saturday afternoon, the hotel slid a notice under our door.  "Hurricane Warning, be scared, flee, warning warning."   It sort of put a damper on things because I started to worry. The damper was minor and there was still plenty of kinkery and a lot of WOOHOO, but it was there... in the back of my mind.  The "what if a tree falls on my sweetness"... sort of thing.

The thing is, control freaks hate storms, because they cannot be controlled. The million "what-ifs" in my head were swirling and crazy.  Part of me wants to blame the media.  But the problem is that SO many people WERE badly affected by the storm, that it was good they were warning people.  However.  I heard a news report the Friday before that said "the storm will either be a direct hit, be a glancing blow, or miss us entirely." Wow.  Thanks for that.  With all of the technology and power, the reality was that they just did not really know until just before it hit.

Ok so We got through it and everything is fine again.  I was able to talk to him a bit every day, and in the end it was all ok.  Thankfully.

So the other thing I wanted to blog about is pain.  Now we have discussed the fact that I am not a sadist.  I do like SOME things that are a bit hurtie:  The crop, biting, spanking...  The littler stuff-- and sometimes we do a lot of hurtie things so it lasts a while.  During the last visit, after the storm, My sweetness looked up at Me, with big brown eyes.  His forehead creased with concern.  "Mistress, is it OK that I like that you hurt me?"  At first I did not know what to say.  Where was this coming from?  So I thought for a minute, as I cuddled him to my chest.  And then I remembered.  I had a pet who was a pain whore.  He wanted more, more,  more and he wanted more than I was comfortable with.  It did not work out with Us, because Our kinks did not match.  Sweetness was worried that he could become a pain whore and it would turn Me off!   I chuckled and reassured him that he was no pain whore, nor would he ever be.  He liked a little pain, but not a huge amount.  It was just the right level for Us both.  I felt him relax against Me.  Then, with a grin, I said, "Besides My love... You do what I tell you to, and We do what pleases Me."  We laughed.  I spanked him again, and then I made love to him.  It's what we do.  And We LOVE it, and each other!

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